Monday          8:00am - 9:30 pm
Tuesday          8:00am - 9:30 pm
Wednesday    8:00am - 9:30 pm
Thursday        8:00am - 9:30 pm
Friday              8:00am - 7:00 pm
Saturday         8:00am - 7:00 pm
Sunday            8:00am - 7:00 pm
*Note: We may close earlier if there are no 
reservations so be sure to call ahead!

Indoor Court Rates

Spring/Summer Season (May 1- Sept. 30)
$14 per hour
$5.25per person for 1.5 hours of doubles
$7 per person for 1 hour of singles
$10.50 per person for 1.5 hours of singles
$7 per person for 2 hours doubles

Fall/Winter Season (Oct. 1 - April 30)
$20 per hour
$7.50 per person for 1.5 hours doubles
$10 per person for 1 hour of singles
$15.00 per person for 1.5 hours of singles
$10 per person for 2 hours of doubles

Member reservations may be made up to 7 days in advance, beginning at 8am. 

Members may cancel courts without penalty with at least 24 hours notice.

For more information click here

Ball Machine

$20 per hour 

Ball Machine Club
6 1-hour passes for $100  


Enjoy a lesson from one of our top pros in Pueblo! 

Coaches operate as Independent Contractors (please pay coach directly). Please ask our staff for our pro's rates.

Value Pro: $45 / hour / person;
Gold Pro: $55 / hour / person;
Premier Pro: $65 / hour / person
Semi–Private lesson: $22.50 - $32.50 / hour / person
3–person lesson: $15 - $21.67 / hour / person
4–person lesson: $11.25 - $16.50 / hour / person

Membership Options and Guest Fees

8 visit limit per 12 months​: April 1st to March 31
8 visits each: $8 guest fee

 Please see Membership Option Sheet here for more information! 

Terms and Conditions​​

1. Courtesy and tennis etiquette should be observed at all times. Good sportsmanship and consideration for others is the rule of club play.
2. Smoking is not allowed on the tennis center grounds at any time.
3. All lost and found items will be turned in to the Pro Shop. All items not claimed within 30 days will be discarded.
4. Children under ten years of age must be accompanied and supervised by an adult member at all times.
5. Non-tennis playing children are not allowed on tennis courts while parents or guardians are playing.
6. Pets are not allowed at the Tennis Center at any time.
7. No skates, skateboards, motorcycles, or bicycles area allowed on or around the courts.
8. No portion of the tennis center premises will be given up for use to any other club, society, or function unless prior approval from the General Manager for such use has been obtained.
9.  Only the Tennis Center teaching staff is allowed to give tennis instruction on the courts, unless special permission obtained from the General Manager.  
10. The General Manager, at their discretion, may close the Tennis Center facilities before the established closing time when the facilities are not being used and are not scheduled for use.
11. The General Manager, or their designee, has the authority to remove from the club premises, any player displaying behavior on or off the tennis court which, in the opinion of the General Manager, is detrimental and disturbing to the Tennis Center, staff, and other players.
12. The Pueblo Tennis Center reserves the right to cancel a membership at any time. 

Dress Code:
Members and guests who are playing tennis must wear tennis attire. Impermissible attire includes, but is not limited to, bathing suits, cutoffs, black-soled shoes, running shoes, or any shoes that leave marks on the courts. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times. 
**Members are responsible for informing their guests of the dress code.